Which Operating System Should a Small or Mid-Sized Business Choose?

In the fast pace dynamic workplace of today, it can be challenging to decide which operating system is best for your organization.Questions arise such as, is a certain OS more beneficial for a certain sector or industry? To make sure your operating system is an asset rather than detrimental to the running success of your business, we will compare the top choices available to small and mid-sized businesses:

1: Windows 7  which is the current Microsoft operating system. (Windows 8 will be released mid-late 2012).

2: Apple OSX Lion that has become more and more popular with the rise of Apple.

3: Linux Red Hat.

Windows 7 that followed the not so popular Windows Vista is stable, productive and affordable on many different hardware platforms such as Dell, Hp or Lenevo. Windows 7 has certainly improved dramatically and once again can be considered to be at the top of their game. Its dynamic, user-friendly interface along with improved and futuristic like features can be extremely helpful to the operations of your small business.  What’s in store for the new Windows 8? Here are the listed features on Tech Labs.Windows supports all applications, is affordable, dynamic and still the most widely used operating system in the work force. All industries such as forestry, mining, and law firms use Windows 7 for their desktop platform.

Traditionally, Apple with everything from excellent features to great functiionality was traditionally used in digital media web/graphic design,  and in marketing firms. However, in the last decade the Apple operating system has been adopted by a variety of other industries and its popularity has increased. As a managed service provider we now have to support and add Apple computers onto the Windows ‘ domains. Fortunately, Apple and Microsoft has made it easy to bind Apple machines on to Windows’ domains. In this video, CNET reviews and compares Windows & Apple and gives Apple a score of 4.1 vs. 3.9 to Windows.

Red Hat linux which can be obtained for free is generally used by techies and geeks that love the Unix world. Red Hat considers itself “easy to use, deploy and secure”, “Red Hat Enterprise Linux Desktop was designed to create an effortless user experience where everything just works. This involves major improvements to: OpenOffice.org tools, the firefox browser, networking, laptop, support, peripheral, support, graphics, and multimedia.” Software development companies and Internet application organizations often use Red Linux as their choice of operatiing system.

Other Considerations by PC world

  • Windows computers are perpetual targets for spyware and viruses. Macs are targeted too, but not to the same degree.
  • The Mac OS and Apple computers both come from the same company. While Macs aren’t trouble free, you’re less likely to experience as many   unexplainable crashes and incompatibilities as you might on a Windows PC.
  • Apple has earned top scores from PC World readers in reliability and service.
  • There are many more laptop choices in the Windows world and at a greater variety of price points.
  • There are still plenty of software applications available for Windows only. (You can run Windows on Macs, of course, using Apple’s Boot camp, which is included in Mac OS X Leopard, or a third-party virtualization program such as Parallels Desktop for Mac
  • Linux is a free operating system but is not widely supported and you will need to pay a hefty price to get support compared to Windows or mac.

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