10 Reasons to Outsource Your IT

Who handles the technical support in your company? A growing number of small and mid-sized businesses are turning to third-party outsourcing for their IT needs, for a variety of reasons. While outsourcing in other areas can be problematic, or even counterproductive, there is a lot to recommend for enlisting an external IT provider.

How can outsourcing tech support benefit your company?

  • Greater focus on your business. You’re not an IT expert—so why would you want to spend your time struggling to fix, maintain and upgrade your systems? Outsourcing allows you to relax and concentrate on your primary business.
  • Benefit from expertise. Third-party IT providers are comprised of professionals who work solely in technology. Their in-depth knowledge means your problems get solved faster, without the complications that can arise when less qualified people try to “fix” your tech.
  • Less downtime. Because dedicated IT services take a proactive approach, monitoring your systems on a 24/7 basis, they’ll often spot problems before they develop and stop them from occurring, meaning you’ll spend far less time (if any) troubleshooting a downed network.
  • Increased productivity. When your infrastructure runs smoothly, everyone in your company gets more done. This includes any staff who might have otherwise been assigned to handle tech problems, taking time away from their usual duties.
  • Fixed costs. Generally, third-party IT companies charge an affordable, flat monthly fee for their services. Since you’ll know ahead of time how much your technology costs will be, it will be easier to budget, and you can use the money you’ll save to develop other areas of your business.
  • Stronger security. Outsourced IT companies offer the most powerful virus protection and spam filtering available for your business, with 24-hour monitoring to keep the “bugs” out of your system.
  • Improved infrastructure. You can consult with a third-party IT provider to evaluate your existing infrastructure and suggest ways to improve flow, performance, and storage issues. Investing in upgrades or a system overhaulis a great way to grow your business and save money down the line.
  • Reduced risk. What would happen to your company in the event of a total system crash or data loss? A third-party IT provider offers emergency and disaster preparation services, so you’ll never have to worry about losing it all.

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