Cybersecurity Checklist

Here are top 8 tips that should be included in your Cyber Security Checklist

  1. Password Protocol:
    • Importance of strong and unique passwords
    • Password management tools and best practices
    • Two-factor authentication (2FA) and its benefits
  2. Privacy Settings on Social Channels:
    • Guide on configuring privacy settings on popular social media platforms
    • Limiting information exposure and controlling who can access your personal data
    • Managing app permissions and third-party access
  3. Audit Inbox:
    • Importance of email security and protecting against phishing attacks
    • Tips for identifying suspicious emails and avoiding email scams
    • Secure email practices and encryption options
  4. Operating System Security:
    • Regularly updating operating systems with security patches
    • Securing remote access and using secure connections (e.g., VPN)
    • Using reputable antivirus and anti-malware software
  5. Backups:
    • Importance of regular data backups and implementing a backup strategy
    • Options for local and cloud backups
    • Testing backup and recovery procedures
  6. Locking Devices:
    • Importance of locking devices with strong passcodes or biometric authentication
    • Enabling device tracking and remote wiping features
    • Best practices for securing smartphones, laptops, and other devices
  7. Cyber News and Threat Landscape:
    • Keeping up with the latest cyber news and emerging threats
    • Understanding common attack techniques (e.g., phishing, ransomware, social engineering)
    • Sharing insights on notable breaches and their implications
  8. Suspicious Activity Detection and Response:
    • Educating readers on recognizing signs of suspicious activity
    • Steps to take if suspicious activity is detected (e.g., reporting incidents, contacting IT or security team)
    • Importance of incident response planning and practicing response scenarios

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